My dad-my superhero

#dad #mysuperhero #love #support #care #mybuddy #loveyoupapa

There’s a person in everyone’s life who acts as a shield. The person who saves, supports, loves and does everything for us. If I talk about myself, it’s my dad(written so times about my mom on social platforms, now it’s time for dad). He’s my shield, my armour and my best buddy. No matter how often he scolded me on my silly mistakes but his love and support has inspired me to climb the ladder of success. Your hugs and kisses in my hard time have supported me a lot. Thank you so much dad for your love and support. I love you dad.

Everyday is a fashion show & the world is your runway

#fashion #modelling #ambitions #photography #attitude #looks

Ever since I was born, I was in love with fashion and style. Now I’m 17 years old pursuing BA in journalism and Mass communication from a reputed university. But the love for fashion and style has grown more deeper than ever before. I keep on thinking about fashion, style, etc all the time & wish to make my career in this field.This mindset reflects through my lifestyle and choice. This makes me a center of attraction among all. Some people say I’m fake. I’m trying to showoff. But hello!! That’s my way of leading my live. That’s my style. But all these sarcastic comments have made my determination more stronger than ever before. One day I’ll stand tall and proud, proving all those fellows wrong. So, never let yourself fall down and give up. Keep on trying harder and harder. Something great is waiting for you.

Travel to know yourself better

#Just pack you bag and go on exploring

My journey started when I was 5 to 6 years old. I started exploring the nearby areas and this process is still going on. Right now, I have travelled half part of India. During all these, I found that it was not the hunger for travelling rather it was the hunger for knowing the people, their culture, tradition, food, etc that encourages me to travel more and more. For some, travelling means only a trip. But for me, it’s a way to know myself better. To explore the world, to know about the people, its culture and traditions. Now, it has became a part of my life.Travelling doesn’t only gives you inner peace, it teaches you about life.So, if you wish to live a life to the fullest. Then just pack your stuffs and go on exploring the beautiful world.

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